Hansa Ride-On Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Buy Hansa Ride-On Giraffe Stuffed Animal (Hansa Childrens Furniture, Childrens Toys, Stuffed Animals)
Hansa Ride-On Giraffe Stuffed Animal
This realistic Ride-On Giraffe is just waiting to come home to your family! At over three feet tall, this gentle creature is just the right size for little ones and features a reinforced back, great for giving children rides! Key features from real giraffes have been meticulously reproduced to give this stuffed animal an extremely life like appearance. Whether he’s entertaining your children’s imaginations or posing in your office, the Ride-On Giraffe is surely a sight to see! Features: -Brown -Ride-on animal -Reinforced back for stability -Eyelashes -Small antlers -Brown mane -Hand crafted -Reproduced key animal features for life like quality -Meticulously manufactured from the finest soft plush materials
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