Fisher-Price Diego Tough Tricycle

Buy Fisher-Price Diego Tough Tricycle (Fisher-Price Childrens Furniture, Childrens Toys, Outdoor Toys)
Fisher-Price Diego Tough Tricycle
Adventure with Diego! This rugged tricycle is tough enough for years of adventure, but with all the features you look for when buying your little one’s first tricycle. Children’s Diego Tough Tricycle’s comfort ride seat lifts to reveal a secret storage compartment, and clicking the key adds to the imaginative adventure, and with chunky pedals and easy-grip handlebars this tricycle is easy to pedal and steer! Features: -*This item is not available for sale to customers in Puerto Rico*. -Yellow, Red, Teal Blue and Black plastic with Diego decals -Recommended for ages 2 and up -Comfort-ride seat lifts to reveal secret compartment -Clicking key enhances imaginative play -Chunky pedals and easy-grip handlebars for easy maneuverability -Ideal first ride on toy Diego Tough Tricycle Tough Tricycle Instruction Manual About Dora the Explorer Airing in 2000 as one of the first cross-cultural animated children’s programs, Dora the Explorer became a phenomenal hit, entertaining children and introducing young Americans to the Hispanic culture. Formally aired on the CBS television network, and now a prominent series on Nickelodeon and sister channel, Noggin, the extremely successful Dora the Explorer franchise has created a recognizable house hold name and hosts products ranging from videos to toys and children’s clothing. In the series, Dora is an adventurous, bilingual, Latina heroine who lives inside a computer. Determined, positive, helpful and caring, Dora is always ready for adventure. Children learn by watching Dora journey through her world, gathering objects and clues to ultimately help a person in need or perform a good deed with her faithful Backpack, Map and her best friend Boots. Not only is the popular program entertaining but the interactive aspects allow children to develop reasoning, problem solving and communication skills when the curious little explorer asks her audience at home questions to help her along her way. In 2005, Dora’s equally curious cousin and frequent guest on Dora the Explorer, Diego, claimed his own spin off series, Go, Diego, Go! to continue the recent trend in bilingual animated children’s series.
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