Children can create their own wildlife scenes, as they use these soft, safe and colorful foam animal shapes. The Animals Wet-and-Stick set is ideal for tracing, stamping, imaginative play or water play. Features: -Includes sixteen animal pieces in multiple pastel colors -Recommended for ages 3 and up -Use for arts and crafts, bath fun or imaginative play anywhere -Wet-and-stick foam tiles attach to any smooth surface when wet

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With The Animal Activity Bar, fun is never left behind! This removable, soft animal toy can be attached to any round bar for entertainment on the go. With sound, mirrors and crinkle stimulation features, this car and stroller activity arch is a must have for babies on the move. Features: -Includes plush arch with trio of plush animal toys -Fabric in Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Blue -Attaches to any round bar -Perfect for stroller and car seats -Lion plush makes sounds -Hippo plush with mirror -Elephant plush crinkles

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Perfect to accompany your Wood-Like Edu Blocks, the My Soft World Farm Set allows little ones to construct their own urban world. With blocks, tractor, farm animals and people, this set offers limitless options for stimulating, inventive play, while also developing your child’s fine motor skills. Features: -Set of 29 soft foam pieces -Brightly illustrated tractor, farm animals and people -Wood-like finish on blocks -Develops fine motor skills -Stimulates creative and imaginative play -Perfect companion to Wood-Like Edu Block set -Available separately in farm theme

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With these unique soft blocks your child will have fun building their dream house in the bathtub! With the Floating Blocks set, both the building board and blocks float on the water. Features: -Includes fifteen floating foam pieces -Red, Yellow, Blue and Green blocks with brick, window and door decals -Recommended for ages 18 months and up -Includes a Green base to build upon -Floating bricks and base

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This three dimensional tactile puzzle is ideal for interactive play while learning basic geometric shapes. Each panel of this innovative toddler toy contains a one piece puzzle and has a different texture. The Sensory Puzzle Cube can be played individually or in play groups for maximum developmental value. Features: -Multicolored foam in Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple -Recommended for ages 3 and up -Teaches basic geometric shape recognition -Perfect for single toddler or group of children

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Babies find their own reflections fascinating, making this larger than life mirror ideal for stimulating your babies curious, growing mind! This whimsical flower mirror attaches easily to the side of the crib or playpen, where its large mirror, rattles, squeaker and crinkles will encourage play and exploration. Features: -Fabric in Pink, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple and Greens -Attaches easily to cribs -Large mirror for visual stimulation -Equipped with rattles, squeakers and crinkles -Sweet flower design perfect for nursery -Available separately in turtle design

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Vroom, Vroom! This versatile Adventure Road Mat is assured to create hours of fun. Children can cruise their vehicles through nine different scenarios, and for exciting play every time, children can reconfigure the tiles each time they use this fun developmental toy for endless combinations of fun. Features: -Available in Musical or Standard set -Musical set includes corresponding sounds for each scene, including animal sounds for farm tile and airplane sounds for airport tile -Each tile is 12″ x 12″ -Brightly illustrated tiles in multiple colors -Reconfigure tile set-up for new, original play every time -Compatible with all Edushape Edu Tile products -Optional Edu Tile Wavy Edges includes four pieces -Optional Edu Tile Wavy Corner Frames includes four pieces

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Make leaning math fun! With the Interstar Math Builder Set, youngsters can simultaneously build imaginative designs and number recognition skills. Splinter and break proof, this developmental toy’s robust design makes it perfect for withstanding the rigors of classroom use. Features: -Set of 116 pieces including link, twister, block and number tile connecting components -Assorted bright colors, including three fluorescent for added visual stimulation -Pieces join together multiple ways for endless connection possibilities -Splinter and break proof for safe play -Enhances fine motor and number recognition skills -Comes in reusable storage bucket

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Toss the letters into the water, attach the bait, cast your line and see what you catch! The Fish N Spell can be used various ways to encourage hand-eye coordination, creativity, team work, language and spelling skills. Features: -Includes soft letter cut-outs in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple -Recommended for ages 3 and up -Wet-and-stick pieces attach to any smooth surface when wet -Fishing pole included

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The Fishies infant and toddler toy is sure to teach both color recognition as well as developing fine motor skills. These 12 colorful, sturdy and almost lifelike links will become a favorite of every youngster! Features: -Available in six or twelve piece sets of Blue, Green, Red and Yellow -Recommended for ages 12 months and up -Develops color recognition and fine motor skills

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With the Funny Mix Animal set, children enhance their creative thinking and imaginative skills! Youngsters can experiment by matching pieces to create their favorite animals, or mixing and matching to invent their own. With animal tiles that float on water and stick to bathroom tiles when wet, bath time has never been more fun! Features: -Includes 22 thick foam pieces -Brightly illustrated animal figures mix and match multiple ways -Recommended for ages 3 and up -Figures float and stick to smooth surfaces when wet -Enhances creative thinking and imagination -Available separately in people mix set

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With a simple turn starting it all, the Spinner Mini Rainbomaker teaches cause and effect while baby plays. Sure to entertain, this toy instrument features multi-colored beads cascading through spinners and balconies while making the soothing sound of falling rain. Features: -Blue and Red end caps with Clear plastic cylinder house multi-colored beads -Recommended for ages 6 months and up -Enhances cause and effect understanding

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